I shall be doing the Advent of Code 2020 using Rust and shall be noting down any and all tips, snipppets etc. that I had to look up and the lessons learned, just as a resource for my future self.

The solutions can be found at gitlab.

Stuff that I had to look up or that I learned working on day 1 problem:

Get name of current executable

I decided to save each puzzle’s input in text files named day<x>_1.in and day<x>_2.in. So for first puzzle, inputs will be in day1_1.in and day1_2.in respectively. Also I decided to

The std::env::current_exe() function returns the path of the current running executable.

Wrapping it in a nice resusable function (source: programming-idioms.com):

fn get_exec_name() -> Option<String> {
        .and_then(|pb| pb.file_name().map(|s| s.to_os_string()))
        .and_then(|s| s.into_string().ok())

List entries in a directory


Convert Result to Option


Reading lines form a file (and the bufreader)